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Memory Boxes – Why do we need one??

If you are of a generation, like me, that just didn’t have a memory box for each of the children, you probably realise by now how important it is to keep all the details of their birth and milestones through the years. My children often ask me questions that can’t be answered because times and events disappear from memory.

If only those dates and memories had been stored away safely, a lot of the information and details would be available in black and white.

Oh well, it is too late for older children although more and more new Mums are realising the importance of building memories and keeping them safe, just like my own daughters are doing for their chilren. To be able to show a growing child the small identity wristband that they were tagged with at birth must be a really magical feeling and something that often amazes the son or daughter as to how small it was.

A small memory box is ideal as a gift for a child to keep a few trinkets in as they get older although, for Mum, a large box is needed to store their first painting, first tooth, first curl from the first haircut, school reports, certificates and lots of amazing events and achievements during the first years of life. Many parents then decide to pass on all the mementos in the keepsake box when the child is 18 although it may be better to keep them until they are married with children of their own as they will then really appreciate the memories far more.

Memory Boxes are not only needed for children – wedding/engagement/couples memory boxes, pet memory boxes, Grandparents memory boxes.  They are all important reminders of special times in our lives.  And how lovely for Grandparents to collect trinkets of their lives which will show grandchildren how times change and all about the happy and sad times in their lives.

So please don’t lose all your keepsakes like I did as it is a big regret that I am not able to discuss their birth and early school life in more details just because I didn’t think to store everything safely in a Wooden Memory Keepsake Box.