Keepsake Boxes Bling Bling with Crystals from Swarovski



Please advise us where you would like your crystals


We are delighted to offer you crystals from Swarovski added to any of our keepsake boxes.  We have a variety of colours and sizes of crystals and they look absolutely beautiful on or between our silver stars, on the wings of the butterflies, centre of the flowers or on our small and large hearts.  Let us know where you would like your crystals.

Also: We are now offering our Rustic or Natural Pine XL or Large Boxes with the Tree of Life on the lid – decorated with a mixture of brown crystals from Swarovski.  They look absolutely stunning!!

Add a few crystals or up to 30 – choose the number of crystals below – the colour/mixture of crystals and size – and where you would like them on the box you have ordered and we will liaise with you to ensure we get it correct.  The option for 168 Crystals from Swarovski are split between two corners on the inside lid our XL painted boxes although you can have them wherever you would like them.  The crystals can only be purchased if you are buying one of our boxes just add then to your cart.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Additional information

Number of crystals

168 for corners, Up to 10, Up to 20, Up to 30

Colours of Crystals

Clear, Mixture of browns, Mixture of pinks, Mixture of purples

Size of Crystals

Large, Medium, Mixed, Small