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How To Make A Beautiful Keepsake Memory Box For Yourself Or A Loved One

In the fast-paced world that we live in, it may be hard for us to rejoice in memories that make us happy or be able to grieve without needing to be distracted by something else or needing to work for something else.

Whether it be our own memories or the memories of a loved one, it is harder and harder now to get a good place or time to cherish them.

Human lives have got so busy that we ignore our memories and even forget the most important ones, we strive to create more and more memories  during our lives.

While for our loved ones, we see ourselves busy with enough responsibilities to not be able to afford some time to grieve or cherish the memories of someone who passed away.

So what do you do to ensure you don’t forget the beautiful things you did and find time every now and then to cherish the thought of it?

Nothing too much, all you need to keep is a keepsake memory box.

What Is A Keepsake Memory Box?

A keepsake memory box is any box that you fill with items that have emotional value to you i.e. the memories you create in your life and don’t want to forget while wanting to get time to rejoice in them every now and then.

Keepsake memory boxes can be created from nothing more than a shoebox to a beautifully crafted personalised memory box that keeps your valued items secure and in a good place for years to come.

In the general tradition of people keeping a memory box, it is generally made for two purposes.

A personalised memory box of one’s own memories of their life that they keep in a personalised memory box to view at a future date. Or a bereavement memory box for a loved one who passed away where people store their memories associated with that person in a memorial box to view every once in a while and keep their memory alive.

What Should Be In A Memory Keepsake Box?

Now that you’ve understood the concept of a keepsake memory box, you may be wanting to create one for yourself.

But making a bereavement memory box in this age can be a bit difficult where everything is digitalized.

So for some of the aspects that are digital e.g. photos saved on your computer rather than as a physical picture, take some time out to convert them into a physical form that you can keep in a keepsake memory box.

In a memory keepsake box for yourself, you should find things that had a significant effect on your life and the things that you’d want to look back at in the future.

This doesn’t need to only involve happy memories. Grieving is a natural and a much-needed emotion to feel every once in a while. So try to keep things that have an emotional value to you in a personalised memory box.

For a bereavement memory box of someone you loved who passed away, you can similarly keep any items that attach memories of yourself with that person. This could include photos, videos, or items that you exchanged with one another.

If you don’t have many items that have value to both of you, you can compromise on keeping the personal items of the loved ones themselves, even if that item isn’t associated with you.

Anything that helps you relive that person’s presence should be placed in the memorial box to be able to bring up a smile on your face.

Again, all of this could make you cry at times as well. Instead of putting up a smile, some people prefer to keep their loved ones alive in their memories, even when the memory can be a little hurtful.

How To Make The Most Out Of A Keepsake Memory Box

If you have many cherishable items and a single box seems less space for you, there are many workarounds you can try.

Firstly, the best way to create a keepsake memory box is to order a personalised memory box that looks beautiful and is reliable enough to survive a lifetime.

In this box, if there are many items you want to fit in, maybe try digitalizing them instead? Instead of keeping DVDs and physical pictures, a USB drive can work with the same stuff that you can plug into any device and watch your valuable memories.

For larger items, you always have the choice to not keep the item itself but a picture of it instead to keep the memory alive. However, this will only work for some items you choose not to keep.

Ideas Of Things To Put In An Adults Memory Box

Here is a list of things we think would fit perfectly in a keepsake memory box either for yourself or for someone’s memorial box.

  • Photos of specific events or people: if you have enough space, there is nothing better than a physical photograph or a polaroid to cherish beautiful memories.
  • DVDs of events or people: DVDs of events can keep you reliving a memory for hours and hours while giving you a little time-travel feel of reliving those experiences yourself as well.
  • Photos of larger items you want to remember but can’t keep: Homes, cars, etc.
  • Greetings cards that you’ve been given from loved ones: Greeting cards have a nostalgic vibe in themselves since they’re rarely used today. A couple of words written on an old greeting card can remind you of a lot of times that you cherished back in the day.
  • Tickets for events attended and loved: If you don’t have any photos or videos, a mere ticket for the event you attended by yourself or with a loved one can spark many memories and keep them alive.
  • Notes from people: Validation from people is of immense importance to us. So when looking back at times, it can be important to view notes you got from people. This could include compliments or inside jokes that have many memories attached to them.
  • Diaries / Journals: Diaries and journals are one of the most personal items people keep to themselves, hidden away from anyone else. Keeping a diary in a memory box can allow you to relive any day by reading it up and recalling the memories attached to the day.

Making A Bereavement Memory Box To Remember A Loved One

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be extremely hard. Especially if it’s someone really close to you.

You can’t ever really move on from someone’s death completely, however, you may find ways to keep yourself distracted enough that you aren’t left pondering on the what-ifs and the times that you spent with the deceased person.

While keeping yourself distracted can be healthy, many people are scared to not do it enough worrying that they’ll forget memories associated with that person if they keep themselves distracted for a long time and don’t look back at memories, even if they’re hurtful.

This is why the healthiest way to deal with death can be a memorial box.

A memorial box, also known as a bereavement memory box, can be created with items that preserve your memories shared with a person who has passed away.

This gives you the relief that all your memories are in a secure beautiful personalised memory box, and you don’t feel hesitant to try to move on with your life and keep yourself distracted, as every now and then, you can head into your cupboard and bring forward your bereavement memory box to enjoy the presence of your loved one.

While memorial boxes are mostly opened by people when they’re alone, to give themselves a good place to let their emotions out, memorial boxes can also be opened by kids and people who didn’t have the chance to spend many times with the deceased person. This could let them view photos and DVDs of the person and be able to live with their presence as well.

Customizing Keepsake Boxes For Bereavement With Read’s Creations

If you’re considering the decision to make yourself a keepsake box for yourself or a loved one, we’d recommend trying Read’s Creations.

Read’s Creations excels at creating memorial boxes or personalised memory boxes that can hold items of emotional value for a lifetime and more.

All the memory boxes are crafted of high-quality wood that gives your memories a nice looking place to live in while also giving them a good shelter, away from any risks of damage to them.

We also provide options for customising your bereavement box, in any way that you want, so that you feel a connection with your personalised memory box and can use it for your whole life with comfort.

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Quotes & Poems for Baby Bereavement Loss

Quote & Poems for Baby Bereavement, Miscarriage or Loss

If you would like a special verse on your Baby Bereavement Memory Box, we are compiling a number of quotes or poems you may like on the lid of your box.  You may have written your own poem and, if it is no more than five or six lines we are happy to add it to the lid of your painted memory box. (Unfortunately we are unable to add it to the lacquered pine boxes unless you add a metal engraved message plate to your wooden box when ordering.)

We will be adding more verses, quotes and poems for the baby memory boxes as we find them.


Although our darling daughter
Was with us just a while.
She’ll live on in our hearts
With a sweet remembered smile.

2.Unknown Poet

An Angel wrote in the Book of Life
The date of our baby’s birth
And whispered as she closed the book
“Too beautiful for earth”

3.Little Snowdrop

The world may never notice,
If a snowdrop doesn’t bloom.
Or even pause to wonder,
If the petals fall too soon.

But every life that ever forms,
Or ever comes to be.
Touches the world in some small way,
For all eternity.

The little one we longed for,
Was swiftly here and gone.
But the love that was then planted,
Is a light that still shines on.

And though are arms are empty,
Our hearts know what to do.
Every beating of our hearts,
Say that we love you.

4. Quote

Your life was a blessing
Your Memory a treasure.
You are love beyond words
And missed beyond measure.

5. Quote

You were only here for a moment,
But left a lifetime of love.

6. Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle little star.
Do you know how missed you are.

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Memory Boxes – Why do we need one??

If you are of a generation, like me, that just didn’t have a memory box for each of the children, you probably realise by now how important it is to keep all the details of their birth and milestones through the years. My children often ask me questions that can’t be answered because times and events disappear from memory.

If only those dates and memories had been stored away safely, a lot of the information and details would be available in black and white.

Oh well, it is too late for older children although more and more new Mums are realising the importance of building memories and keeping them safe, just like my own daughters are doing for their chilren. To be able to show a growing child the small identity wristband that they were tagged with at birth must be a really magical feeling and something that often amazes the son or daughter as to how small it was.

A small memory box is ideal as a gift for a child to keep a few trinkets in as they get older although, for Mum, a large box is needed to store their first painting, first tooth, first curl from the first haircut, school reports, certificates and lots of amazing events and achievements during the first years of life. Many parents then decide to pass on all the mementos in the keepsake box when the child is 18 although it may be better to keep them until they are married with children of their own as they will then really appreciate the memories far more.

Memory Boxes are not only needed for children – wedding/engagement/couples memory boxes, pet memory boxes, Grandparents memory boxes.  They are all important reminders of special times in our lives.  And how lovely for Grandparents to collect trinkets of their lives which will show grandchildren how times change and all about the happy and sad times in their lives.

So please don’t lose all your keepsakes like I did as it is a big regret that I am not able to discuss their birth and early school life in more details just because I didn’t think to store everything safely in a Wooden Memory Keepsake Box.

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Memory Box for Dementia Patients

Memory Boxes for Dementia Patients

Our character is identified with what we have done and been. In maturity, childhood recollections may get to be striking, and late memory may get hazy. We can get to be lost and forgetful. To hold our memories and our ‘soul’, a memory box for dementia containing significant memorial joggers, individual things and photographs can be a source of joy and consolation as we get old and moves into maturity stage. The memory box can be unloaded and opened commonly many times. Everything in the box can hold those memories that can be reviewed again and again.


Limewood A4 Memory Box with engraved nameplate

We know that a few events will lead us to some bad and unhappy memories from which we may get surprise or sadness. The motivation purpose behind the memory box is to stimulate the memory as we get more aged. Every one of us carries the bundle of memories as we ourselves are a living memory box. Every part of our daily life is recorded, be it sight, taste, sound, touch or smell. And as we get aged and old, it becomes possible to review those memories with joy and happiness or painful in some rare cases. Memory boxes can connect aged people to what they adore or what makes them like themselves. A Box of 33cm x 15cm is a perfect size for a memory box. It should be solid, powerful and simple to store. Although a hard piece of cardboard box will do, a cardboard box can disintegrate over time and a wooden box will be longer lasting.  Everything depends upon what you need to store in it. You have to make the box according to your use. Dementia is a mental disorder which is caused by mental disease or injury and makes changes to memories for which memory boxes are designed so people who forget their past memories, and the time that they happened, can store their precious things in that box so every time they see that box will let them remember the past memories. Alzheimer’s disease is a physical disease which is a type of Dementia so people suffering from this disease need memory boxes for good past memories.
Some of the motivations to make a memory box for a patient with Alzheimer’s disease is so they can review the recollections of youth, individual interests and things which were in their past. Exercise touch and different faculties that the senior will depend on more as Alzheimer’s advances. The person might need to make another case around an alternate life occasion or memory. In these things stored in memory box, one may discover his or her childhood. Some of the things which could be kept in memory box are Family photos, the artwork by children or grandchildren, unique keychain, postcards, toys with which one played in childhood, any important formulae, any sports item or letters which we want to keep for life. Start gathering your memory box in young age years, high school days, middle age or maturity years. Retirement is regularly a period of reflection and change of way of life. Making a memory box or dealing with one could be an important and enjoyable activity.
A Memory box can be used as a treasure chest which contain memories with a great past, which reflects on experience of past specially those happy times which one prefers to have.  People share these memories with people of the same age or friends and family and also share with youngsters and tell them about their experience of life. People living in care homes or nursing homes take these boxes along with them to recall their memories.
A well created memory box can be an important point of conversation in a man or woman’s home/room, being readily available when the person would like to reminisce and browse through their treasures.  A memory box can likewise be compelling at fighting poor bad moods, or for when an individual is feeling restless, anxious, or upset. Don’t include items which are expensive or sharp or create any choking hazards so take care that a memory box for dementia, or just a memory box to store your own trinkets, should be decorated beautifully and personalised with a name. We recommend a hinged wooden box with a clasp and lidstay so the person can browse through the box easily. child
Memory Boxes for Dementia have created such good results that the advantages they give have turned out to be all the more broadly welcomed. It is now regularly recommended that a Memory Box is a great idea for any individual who might be moving to a care home later on in life with the goal that they can instantly build up a significant historic point in their new home. Besides, the substance will mirror the person’s life and give precious data to carers. The utilization of Memory Boxes in care homes enhances introduction and energizes expanded levels of correspondence between carers, inhabitants and their families.
The most amazing part about assembling a memory box is offering it to others. Keep in mind, a memory box should be kept in the open, not be put away in a cupboard and overlooked yet daily utilized and opened so that everybody can learn through your own experiences. Eventually, either before or during the memory box making process, you ought to consider how you will share it to a bigger gathering of people.  Knowing what is in your special box will help you to answer questions about where and how and share recollections which you think may intrigue and be educational for others.
The family caretakers should help the patient with dementia to make a memory box and use various decorative embellishments to make the box look more beautiful and attractive. Everybody loves butterflies or stars which look really special on a Memory Box. The theme on the outside of the box could be some flowers if the dementia patient has loved gardening or perhaps with reminders of a hobby or sport they loved. So people should start making memory boxes from an early age, one they can keep through the years and gradually build up a collection of treasured memories. Or, if they do not own a memory box, start now building and collecting trinkets on their behalf – it can be a really special time if the reminders recall happy times and a connection is made.